Q2 Image Numbering Nightmare

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Q2 Image Numbering Nightmare

I need help. I have a Q2 that's about a month old. Due to some other problems I won't go into here, I was forced to swap out my regular memory card (which was up to shot #319, being file #L1000488) and put in a different card that I had been using in a Nikon. The Q2 immediately created a new folder"108LEICA" and started filling it up with "L1080001," "...2," etc. That was upsetting to me because I wanted to retain a consistent numbering pattern, and suddenly I'd lost the use of folders "L102" through "L107" in the folder+numbering scheme.

When I put my regular memory card back in, the problem remained. I tried "Create a new folder" (which involves "Reset Image Numbering" on page 125 of the manual) at one point, but that just jumped up from 108 to 109.

I took out my regular memory card and put it in my MacBook Pro, deleted those folders, and tried again. No good: the Q2 immediately created L109.

I reset ALL settings on the Q2, thinking the problem was there. That didn't help, and of course required the rebuilding of a lot of my preferred settings.

I put the memory card back in my Mac, did a deep dive in Terminal, showed hidden files, and deleted the trash on the card. THAT didn't help.

There are a lot of .DAT files and .CPG in the "PRIVATE" folder subdirectories that apparently get written every time you take a picture. But I don't know which to open up and edit or how to do it to find the "tag" for "next folder."

Does anyone know how to reset the card so that a new folder will go next in sequence? Or to reset something, somewhere, that forces the card to use the next in sequence according to the visible stored files?

What I really want is to fix this somehow so that the next picture I take is #320, being file #L1000489.

Possibly relevant: I could reformat the card in the Q2, but I have no idea what that will give me. L109? L110? Or maybe I could reformat the card, copy L100 in from a backup, and see what that does?

Apologies for asking for help, but I've already spent four hours on this. Thanks.

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