Should I buy M10R BP or M11

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Re: Should I buy M10R BP or M11

goodbokeh wrote:

GF, for me the M11 is off the table until Leica or a trusted authority like Jim Kasson shows that the new always-open sensor/mechanical shutter design does not create shutter shock, or there is a M11 firmware update allowing for EFCS. Also, the new black finish appears problematic with conflicting reports about how it appears grubby after some use. If the shutter shock issue is resolved I would either go with the chrome/brass finish or wait for a M11 BP special model, if that happened.

So for now the M10R BP would be my recommendation.

I am no Jim Kasson, but I did a test as Jim did for Z 7 (Shutter shock and the Nikon Z7) and did not notice any issues. A shutter shock should be noticeable in real use, and nobody has reported any related issues so far.

Jim reports only about cameras that he uses. It is unlikely that he will buy Leica cameras again.

The final version of the black finish does not seem to have issues reported in the early tests. I wouldn't know as I have the silver one.

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