Solution for LCD blacking out with Polarized sunglasses

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Solution for LCD blacking out with Polarized sunglasses

Starting with the Sony RX100VI in the RX100 series, Sony introduced a rear LCD panel that completely blacks out in landscape orientation when viewed with polarized sunglasses. (You literally think that the camera is not turned on.) I've owned numerous 1/2.3", 1", APS-C and FF sensor Sony cameras, and the RX100VI was the first Sony LCD that did that. Note that the EVF does not have that problem.

I eventually replaced the RX100VI with the RX100VII, and it has the same problem. In addition, I bought a 1/2.3" compact superzoom HX99, with the same problem, and more recently bought a FF A7C with the same problem. (The earlier HX90V did not have the problem, and my FF A1 and A7RIV do not have the problem.)

Searching around the web and looking at YouTube videos, there were several people that claimed that using a screen protector would cure the problem. I first tried a Vello screen protector sized for the RX100VII, and it didn't cure the problem. One YouTube video claimed that this three-pack screen protector for the RX100VII cured the problem:

I purchased and tried it and it did NOT cure the problem at all. I was ready to give up but another YouTube video claimed that this screen protector for the Sony ZV1 would cure the problem:

The A7C, HX99 and RX100VII all appear to have the same size LCD, so I tried it on the HX99, and it cured the polarization problem! Since it was a kit of three of them, I then placed one on the A7C and the other on the RX100VII, and it cured the polarization issue for both of them. There was a slight cosmetic issue though on the A7C and the RX100VII. One corner of the screen protector would not perfectly bind to the LCD, and it did not look right when the camera was off, but was not cosmetically visible when the LCD was on. I thought it might have something to do with the binding material, or a slight difference in the size of the LCDs. At first I thought I would just accept the cosmetic blemish, but I decided to try one more set of three screen protectors. I bought this set that is designed for the A7C:

I put one on the RX100VII, and one on the A7C, and it cured the polarization problem for both, and they were both cosmetically perfect.

Please note that there is no guarantee that these exact same items will work for you - the original screen protector the YouTube reviewer recommended for the Sony RX100VII did not cure the problem on my RX100VII, but the others I purchased did. Perhaps ULBTER varies what actually material/orientation they make their screen protectors from.

I hope this will be of use to some of you, as this has bugged me since my original purchase of the RX100VI, and I wear polarized prescription sunglasses in bright light in the mountains.

Sony a1 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX90V Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX99 Sony RX100 Sony ZV-1
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