How to Shoot With Kodak TMax P3200 at 6400 or More With Xtol?

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Re: How to Shoot With Kodak TMax P3200 at 6400 or More With Xtol?

Sourov wrote:

Ok first, in the world of Film photography , I am a new born baby who is learning to walk. So, apologies in advance.

Out of curiosity, I got myself a Kodak p3200.

So, my first question.

What is (or are) the best ways to shoot Kodak P3200?

Because of its speed it’s really for low light / indoor without flash, but I use it frequently for daylight photography - the high speed allows you to stop down and use fast shutter speeds At a reasonable viewing distance the grain isn’t overwhelming, but if you print a 36” x 24” and view from 2” away it’s just a cloud of noise

2nd: if I shoot for 800iso (set the iso 800in camera) and develop for 3200 as par the Kodak requirements, am I pushing it for 4+ stops by over developing?

If you shoot at 3200 then it’s a 2 stop push if you’re developing it yourself, as per the data sheet. BUT if you load it into a camera with auto film sensing it seems to be sensed as a 3200 speed film (I.e. the DX coding appears to be 3200), and some labs (including the one I use) also develop it at 3200 unless you tell them not too - they don’t regard 3200 ASA as a push (YMMV)

( )

And finally,

What are the recommended ways to shoot for 25000 iso?

Thank you.

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