Help a hobbyist pick a new mirrorless system?

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Help a hobbyist pick a new mirrorless system?


20 years I used to be somewhat big into film photography. I had a nikon FE, a rolleiflex TLR and a 4x5 field camera. I mainly did street photography, nudes, travel photography and some macros. I did pick up a canon DSLR and a 50mm about 15 years ago, but I never got into, too much.

I'd like to try again. I'll probably focus on street, landscapes and macro.

I've rented a GFX50s II and a Nikon Z7 and a few lenses and I've researched reviews, etc.

I've come down to the following bodies and lenses

Fuji GF - GFX50S II with a 45-100mm and either a used adapted mf contax macro or a bellows and a 4x5 lens. I've walked around with the rental GFX and lens and it was manageable for me. I really do like the images and the camera handling. My concern is it is a lot of money, GF lenses are expensive and it is pretty conspicuous walking around with it. And if I decide I'm really not interested in getting back into photography, I think this will be harder to unload than a mainstream system. Not sure if it is worth considering.

Sony E - a Sony A7 IV w/ a Tamron 28-75mm and maybe a Sigma 105mm macro. I like the fact that there's so many lenses available for the sony system. From the reviews it seems like the A7 is remaining competitive with Nikon and Canon offerings. I'm not seeing a lot of negatives with the Sony system.   I see people griping about the E-mount throat diameter, but as far as I can tell that's a completely non-issue.  I do have some personal misgivings about sony electronics being unreliable and lacking durability from years ago but it seems like their cameras are robust.

Canon RF - a Canon R6 with 24-70mm and wait on the macro. From my old DSLR I like canon handling, and as far as I can tell, that's carried over. One thing I don't like is there's no 3rd party options right now and some of the Canon lenses are just as expensive as the GF lenses. Another thing, I don't know how big a deal it is, but I read that Canon doesn't encode lens correction in their raw files, so you're forced to use the canon raw converter to get correction. To me that doesn't bode well for future 3rd party lenses.

I am not considering the Z system because I wasn't terribly impressed with the handling of the Z7 I rented. Maybe I tried it out too soon after using the GFX. And I probably should have rented the Z6 as that would have been more my target camera. Also like with the Canon, the lack of 3rd party lenses is a turn off and the adapters seem hit or miss.

I guess I'm kinda of leaning towards the Sony system.  The cheaper 3rd party lens availability is the biggest plus in my mind.  Do you think this is the right choice given my situation?

Thank you

Canon EOS R6 Nikon Z6 Nikon Z7 Sony a7
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