Some personal thoughts on the X-E4

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Some personal thoughts on the X-E4

I already tried a lot of digital cameras within the last 15 years, ranging from the Nikon D70s to Olympus/Panasonic to Sony A7m3, and more. However, my photographic tour starts 35 years ago with my Dad’s Kodak Retina Ib, so I worked with a minimalist camera from the very beginning. I also had some time with Fuji, especially the X100F (but the TCL/WCL concept destroys it for me, and 23mm is not my preferred focal length) and the X-Pro2. But I rarely used the OVF on both, but of course, we have to pay for its delicated mechanics. After the release of the X-Pro3, I left Fuji – the XP3 seems too arty for me.

My 35 years way in photographic gear: X-E4 and Kodak Retina Ib

Suddenly, the X-E4 arrived. Wow. I love the design, because its not that much retro as the other X-E cameras but straight on the “form follows function” concept. First reason to return to Fuji land. However, I was a bit afraid of its user interface, since many stated that there are too few buttons, and others lamented about the loss of the grip and of the AF mode switch.

No issues for me. The camera is set to MF, with AF-ON on the FN button. That’s what I need at core. AE-L/AF-L button is assigned to switch the AF mode, and Q serves for ISO selection. Otherwise, the joystick works great, it is so easy to flip through the menus if necessary. Oh, I have to add that I shoot RAW only.

X-E4 with 18mm f2, 35mm f1.4, 14mm f2.8, 60mm f2.4

The camera body itself have been made for Fuji’s small prime lenses, obviously, either the "Fujicrons" or the older ones. I am fine with these "Generation 1" lenses (have the 14 / 18f2 / 35f1.4 / 60), because I love their specific but consistent rendering. 2nd reason why I’ve returned. Adding a grip (I have the SmallRig L bracket & grip), it’s possible to handle also larger lenses – well, maybe not the pro zooms, but guess the 90mm f2 will still be fine, for example. However, using the grip, it’s rather impossible to get the card out of its slot.

With SmallRig L bracket and 14mm f2.8

Image quality is nothing to mention specifically since the camera delivers like the other X-Trans 4 cameras. That’s a great thing with Fuji – you select the camera concept but get all the same IQ-related things (beside of IBIS, granted). It’s like the past film cameras, there the film and the lens were decisive for IQ, but not the camera body. By the way, the fantastic film simulations are reason no. 3 for returning to Fuji.

The Fuji Q

Everything else with the camera is just fine. AF works significantly faster even with the older lenses. The camera is responsive and fast in operations. It seems reasonable robust, not as a X-Pro2, but comparable to the X100 series IMO – which is fine for most occasions. WR would be nice, but I never killed a camera for whatever reason until today (knocking on wood!).

With SmallRig L bracket and 14mm f2.8

What is it good for? Well, I guess it’s targeted for street, travelling, family, walking around. But it can be used as a general-purpose camera as well. I have absolutely no concerns to use it for my marketing/corporate influcencer work, for instance. And, if you worry about its robustness – you can get two X-E4s instead of one X-Pro3 for the same money, roughly. Sounds like a deal, doesn't it?

Ready to go: My super minimal travel kit

Thanks for reading!


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