What effect would a PASM layout have on your buying decision, should the X-H2 feature it?

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What effect would a PASM layout have on your buying decision, should the X-H2 feature it?

A few months back I made a poll asking what control layout would you prefer on the upcoming X-H2.

Here are the results (as of the 23.1.2022) :

  • Classic (Like the X-H1) - 71.6% (63 votes)
  • PASM (Like the GFX100S - one large display and one PASM dial) 12.5% (11 votes)
  • Hybrid PASM (Like the SP-X prototype - custom user settings (C1,C2, etc) dial instead on the ISO dial) 11.4% (10 votes)
  • PASM (Like the X-S10 - Top screen from X-H1, PASM instead of shutter speed dial and unmarked dial instead of ISO dial) 4.5% 4 votes

Now, as most have probably heard, it is rumored the X-H2 will come in two different versions, one featuring a 26 MP sensor and the second a 40 MP sensor (one of which will likely be stacked).

At this stage we have yet to get more information about the X-H2, however it's possible one version (or both) will feature a PASM layout. Should that happen, do you believe that this fact only would affect an eventual purchase of the X-H2?

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It would have no effect.
35.8% 39  votes
It would make me carefully consider the purchase before making a decision.
20.2% 22  votes
The PASM layout would be a dealbreaker.
43.1% 47  votes
(Non Fuji shooters) It would make me consider switching to Fuji.
0.9% 1  vote
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