How to Shoot With Kodak TMax P3200 at 6400 or More With Xtol?

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Re: How to Shoot With Kodak TMax P3200 at 6400 or More With Xtol?

Sourov wrote:

Ok first, in the world of Film photography , I am a new born baby who is learning to walk. So, apologies in advance.

Out of curiosity, I got myself a Kodak p3200.

So, my first question.

What is (or are) the best ways to shoot Kodak P3200?

2nd: if I shoot for 800iso (set the iso 800in camera) and develop for 3200 as par the Kodak requirements, am I pushing it for 4+ stops by over developing?

And finally,

What are the recommended ways to shoot for 25000 iso?

Thank you.

Pushing film involves underexposing it in the camera, and then extending development. An example would be shooting Tri-X, a 400 speed film, at iso1600 on your camera  (two stops underexposed). Then, instead of developing the film for just 7 minutes in Xtol, you would develop it for 9 minutes or more, to give the underexposed film more time to develop and look normal.

Pulling is the opposite. Tri-X exposed at iso100 for instance, and then shortening the development from 7 minutes to 5 minutes or so to tame the additional exposure and look normal.

Generally speaking, the more you push film, the more contrast you get due to the extra time in the developer. If you try for iso 25,000 with P3200 I wouldn't expect to see any shadows because they will be pure black. It will require experimentation.

The two fast black and white films (P3200 and Delta 3200) each have a true speed of around iso1000, and if you use them accordingly they work great. A common technique for Delta 3200 is to expose at iso 1600 on your camera settings, but develop for iso3200 for better overall results. I've found P3200 also likes a bit more time in the developer.

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