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Re: Help with DXO Pure Raw

JimKasson wrote:

I downloaded the app in the title to try DeepPrime. I tried it on the two 1/125 second images. It's too aggressive in removing noise, affecting textures and details. I need to tone it down. But I can't find the knobs and sliders. Can anyone help? And no, I haven't read the manual.

OK, now I've skimmed the manual. Still can't find the knobs and sliders for controlling Deepprime.

I don't think you can with Pure Raw. You can with DxO Photo Lab, which has a full set of controls like other raw converters. It also integrates into Lr so you can send an image from Lr, have it converted to DNG with WB, exposure etc adjusted as well as NR applied (with control over its strength) and then it gets sent back to Lr and gets stacked with the original one.

So perhaps try that instead.

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