Why FF actually makes sense for most manufacturers (to focus on)

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Why FF actually makes sense for most manufacturers (to focus on)

I made this thread last year. I will just post the charts from it as there has been an update:

Well the CIPA data through November 2021 is in , and there are some big takeaways:

If FF+ doesn't surpass APS-C + smaller (I will call it APS-C- from here on) on volume in 2021, it will in 2022- volume is within 3% which is the lowest difference ever. Bear in mind there was a time where APS-C- volume was 4x FF+ and now they are basically at parity.........

APS-C- lens sales rebounded- slightly- from 54 bln yen last year to an estimated 56 bln yen this year (~4%)

...but FF+ lens sales rebounded substantially- from 118 bln yen to 170 bln yen (~44%). This would be the highest FF+ lens sales year ever.

APS-C- & FF+ lens values have reached new highs- yay inflation. Interestingly, APS-C lens values were highest back in 2009 (no split data before then)

Now personally I think it's a mistake for manufacturers to completely abandon smaller formats and DSLRs. And I think even now they could make some minor investments and updates that would go a long way (5D V, new D8xx/D5xx, some long overdue fast wide angle APS-C primes and updated zooms)........ but I don't think any of those updates would have much impact on the clear trends at this point.

For better or worse, consumer demand is shifting to bigger formats, which is why manufacturers are focused on them. Yes smaller formats have big volume and "user bases", but lately they don't seem to have too many customers, which is ultimately what companies need to survive. Large format users might not be as big in number, but as the data clearly shows they spend way more money in total. So no I don't blame manufacturers for following the money rather than the rhetoric........ folks like Thom Hogan would have you believe that if only if only smaller format systems were better developed they'd have more success, but Samsung, Olympus and Pentax have shown otherwise.......................................

I will say this though..... the train for new systems has kind of left the station. I don't see much of a future for any systems besides Fuji X and the FF MILC systems........ but that's just my opinion.

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