Some questions from a 35mm beginner photographer

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Re: Some questions from a 35mm beginner photographer

filmista wrote:

Hello everyone,

Last week , I got myself a Nikomat Ft2 from ebay with a Nikkor-h 50mm F2 lens for a great price in as-is condition. But, upon inspection it looked in great condition with just the light seals which need replacement and the battery cover which is to be placed.


I need to hang it around my neck with a Camera strap that is strong. I'm suspicious that those lug rings are strong enough. Can anyone recommend a strong but comfortable neck strap or things to look out in one?

I use the Nikon thin black strap (AN-4B) or a third party “rope” strap, which are around £6 on eBay. Nikon do thicker red and brown straps but they’re really for the F3 and later (search Nikon strap AN)

Also, I can't distinguish between 1/1000 S.S and 1/500 and probably you can't even?

You need a shutter speed tester to distinguish much over 1/125s

The 50mm F2 h pre-ai that came with the Nikomat is in spectacular condition without any problems at all. But, a local seller has reached out to me offering a pancake 50mm F 1.8 ais for 35$, the only th

Sorry about that stick note behind,have to remove that one

The viewfinder is superb!

ing is it has very small fungus patch that needs to be cleared. Will you guys recommend it over the 50mm f2?

The 50mm f/2 pre-AI is (in my opinion ) the best 50mm Nikon, so I would keep a good condition one of those that over ai with fungus any day of the week. Also, if the f/1.8 ai lens doesn’t have rabbit ears then it won’t meter

Also, any tips or precautions etc. for using the FT2?

I used to have a FTN rather than a FT2, but if the FT2 has the same way of setting the film speed (a slider at the base of the lens mount) then scrubbing the speed setting up and down can clean off oxidization from the resistor and fix a broken meter.

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