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ChuckB wrote:

Overrank wrote:

I won’t speak for Michael but I too fail to understand why there seems to be such a need to denigrate film - It’s like the owner of a Lamborghini having to drag race a Fiat 500 at every set of traffic lights to prove themselves. If it’s so good just be happy with that and move on

Normally people only act that way if they feel threatened

I say the Packers suck and the Bucs are winners. Am I threatened by the Packers?

I say mayonnaise sucks and mustard is the only condiment for hot dogs. Am I threatened by mayonnaise?

I say that for my purposes digital is better than film (and I have used both extensively), and I list a few reasons. Am I threatened by film?

Someone else says for his purposes film is a better choice and lists his reasons. Is he threatened by bytes?

Now, instead of a generalization, give me just one example of someone on this thread who is "threatened" by film and I'll go away peacefully.


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