***This week with your MF camera, Jan 22-28 2022***

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Re: ***This week with your MF camera, Jan 22-28 2022***

One of the interesting things about a landscape is the hidden impact of man. This is a valley near my home and while the land beyond this wall is grazing land for cows and sheep it was once a hive of quarrying activity a hundred years ago, not to mention illegal gambling. But over 500 people lived and worked here and the grassy ridges on the edge of vision are just the edges of a large and peculiar set of hummocks known as hushings. There are a few other sites like this in the North West England, one of which is at a place called Shedden Clough. Hushing is a very old form of quarrying/mining, dating back at least to Roman times. Here, these are limestone, which was often extracted for agricultural purposes.

One of the interesting things i'm discovering for myself about photography with the GFX 100s is that i don't always need a tripod. And also, that landscapes don't have to be sharp from front to back (I forget that sometimes). Finding your focal point and composition is far more important. Shape and form will take care of the rest often enough. When i realized this, i started to relax and enjoy my camera adventures far more and with a littles less weight dragging me down. I'm still open to tripod use, though. Does anyone use anything lighter than a Gitzo Mountaineer (1.74 kg)?

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