Win-11 ... OK ... sort of

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Re: Win-11 ... OK ... sort of

gscotten wrote:

BobKnDP wrote:

Sorry that the Win11 upgrade messed up your work flow so badly.

I used to work with a guy who had dozens of shortcuts on his Windows desktop, all carefully arranged. I used to fantasize about having them sorted alphabetically if he ever was careless enough to not lock his workstation when he walked away from it. It probably would have taken him weeks to re-adapt. (Not something I'd ever do, even if I disliked the man, which I did not.)

I keep more than a few shortcuts on my desktop. (Three monitors worth.) I keep a screen shot in case something happens to mess them up. My mail is usually open on the right monitor, which is why that space is blank.

It still would not be fun putting them all back, so if you are ever at my house, keep your hands off!

I think you need therapy

My desktop is like my mind, totally without clutter....

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