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What is more relevant is the percentage of all photographers who have returned to film. I bet the number is well under 5% which I consider low.

Genuine question, why do you think that?


I would guess that the number of photographers using film is way below 1%, more like 1 in a million if you allow for camera phone users.

If you assume there’s 3,000,000,000 camera phone users the 1 in a million is 3,000 people.  Given that film sales are estimated at 30 million rolls of film a year then each of those 3,000 users would be shooting 28 rolls of film a day.

Even if there’s only 1,000 million smartphone uses then those 3,000 are still clicking through 10 rolls a day, it’s no wonder they’ve had to open up so many film labs

After all, in the past most casual photographers carried a compact camera to record events, most families had a camera which they took on holiday. Today the equivalent is the phone camera. And I bet that very few professional photographers use film, limited to a tiny minority of artists (I don’t consider photographers artists per se).

As to why so few people use film, it’s surely obvious. Digital gives instant results, errors can be corrected with no wait by reshooting (within obvious limits), there is no film to lose in the post, taking images costs nothing, there is no film to buy and no film to develop, white balance can be adjusted in camera, there is no reciprocity failure, you can adjust the ISO on the fly, you can get excellent results at ISO 1600, a mirrorless camera can apply automatic lens corrections, and IMO digital images look far better. And then there are specialaist benefits, such as focus stacking. The reasons are so obvious I really didn’t need to list them.

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