Polaroid film for Mamiya RZ67 Polaroid film back

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Re: Polaroid film for Mamiya RZ67 Polaroid film back

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PerTulip wrote:

There are/were some attempts to bring back Type 100 film for Polaroid backs.... but as far as I know, nothing out there right now.

AFAIK the only fresh film available is One Instant Black and White, €49 for three photos, on pre-order https://the.supersense.com/collections/packfilm/products/one-instant-packfilm-type-100-pp400-b-w

I’ve heard “mixed” things about it though, a web search is probably worthwhile before buying any

I am aware of them. It's a pre-order you will/might get in April. "3 photos for €49" might be considered "nothing out there".

I still use my SX-70 occasionally, film goes for €20 for 8.

As I understand it the attempt to bring back FP-100 was by Florian Kaps, the Impossible Project founder, who is also behind One Instant (when the attempt to buy the Fujifilm kit failed).

In terms of price I remember using the Polaroid 80-series film and it being about the same price for a pack as an Instamatic film + developing (of course you got more shots with Instamatic) so €20 is pretty similar, which makes Instax the bargain of the century

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