SL2/SL2-S linear focus working with Sigma DN lenses (+Lumix)

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SL2/SL2-S linear focus working with Sigma DN lenses (+Lumix)

With firmware updates several of Sigma’s mirrourless "DN" lenses will work with linear focus.

The SLR-based design "HSM" L-mount lenses already have mechanically-coupled linear focus (except the 70mm macro which uses a different system) so they do not need updates (though rotation is obviously fixed.)

The Lumix S and Leica-certified Lumix S PRO L-mount lenses are already compatible with the SL2/SL2-S linear focus-by-wire features (when firmware is up to date) since the S5/S1/S1R/S1H use a parallel system.  The Sigma fp and fp L will gain linear focus options with firmware, too.

The compatible lenses and their rotation range options are tabulated in the L-mount forum:

This is especially welcome for the small, all-metal I-series lenses which match the Leica philosophy well. (The 90mmF2 is the only I-series lens not listed as compatible. A 20mmF2 I-series lens, and two unspecified lenses, are rumoured for imminent release, and they will hopefully have compatibility from the outset.)

The CL and TL2 cameras are not listed as compatible, but I don’t think they have linear focus features anyway.

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