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Re: My last Deer short with Panasonic GHM2 using autofocus (who needs PDAF lol)

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Messier Object wrote:

In any case, I thought that even the Olympus cameras that do have PDAF don’t use it during video recording.

I don't think this is true. Haven't researched it extensively but if you take a look at the video below starting at the 5:47 mark, he has comparison of PDAF and CDAF in video recording. A short time later, he points out that on the E-M1 Mark II it was CDAF only in video until firmware 3.0.

The only difference between CDAF or PDAF is how the camera obtains focus which may generate a little wobble if it repeats the operation too many time

All autofocus systems go through iterations and when it comes to video what matters the most is how many frames per second are you reading (the slow camera in this video has a readout of 30 fps) and how quickly you process it before you can tell autofocus what to do

Once you decide you need to refocus then this hands over to the autofocus to do or not do something about it

When you look at tracking the key part of it is as the word says tracking which is not to do with autofocus but with the ability of recognizing a pattern in a frame

This is the reason why Olympus camera in video when you put them in face detect with tracking at the end do not do that well. This is well demonstrated by dpreview of the EM1X where they say it works fine however the guy is walking very slow and on a straight line, when you slow down the frames they are all slightly off

The point is how much off until is completely off

Panasonic has made steps in detection and this works very well it has some residual issues with their DFD that produces a wobble, but this wobble is mostly visible on the background not on the subject and typically nobody looks at the background unless you have a guy that is talking for 20 minutes and you start seeing the background pulse

that pulse is non existent when the camera does not use depth from defocus so as a paradox you use a sigma or olympus lens on a panasonic camera and you dont get the pulse although it may not focus well at all

That's interesting, and is confirmed using my Oly 12-100/4.0 on the G9.

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