Canon EOS R3 Baked in Raw Noise Reduction Revisited

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Canon EOS R3 Baked in Raw Noise Reduction Revisited

Although this discussion ought to be in the Photographic Science and Technology forum there seems to be renewed interest in this subject.

For technical background there are three relevant articles at PhotonsToPhotos

An Introduction to Energy Spectra for Sensor Analysis
Energy Spectra and Repeating Patterns
Energy Spectra and Filtering

Executive summary: without signal processing energy spectra should be flat.

The following 3D charts show energy spectra at all ISO settings with the lowest ISO in the front.

Here's the Leica M11 that I just tested

Note how flat everything is. There is no signal processing going on in these raw files.

Here is the Canon EOS R3

Clearly signal processing, particularly in the vertical  direction.

My initial screening with 2D Fourier Transforms also shows signal processing but they are less easy to present across all ISO setting.

In all of the above I have said "signal processing" but it's clear that the effect of the signal processing is noise reduction.

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