Leica M11 Sensor Measurements at PhotonsToPhotos

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Re: Leica M11 Sensor Measurements at PhotonsToPhotos

Thanks Bill. Very helpful to have in a chart like that.

This hits my exact question -- I do a lot of very high ISO shooting (e.g., ISO12,800 and higher), and push the bookends of "acceptable" noise and what you can get in dynamic range.

It's nice to see the extent to which the new M11 is better than my old M10-P, though I can't say I can really conceptualize in advance what the extent of the improvement means.

I do know how much dynamic range my old M10-P lost and how much noise it gained from ISO12500 to 25000, so I suppose that gives a sense of scale on your charts.

And as such, as one would hope, the improvements while small, do look meaningful on both fronts, at least on these charts. I do think getting something like a third to half a unit of improvement in dynamic range isn't bad at all.

As to what that really means and if it's worth the cash, I suppose, needs time with actual photographs/workflow and output. Because it's not unrelated to the improvement in resolution and what post-processing can do.  It does look worth trying.

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