Lumix S5 exposure simulation and shutter effect enigma

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Re: Lumix S5 exposure simulation and shutter effect enigma

Sorry if it is confusing because I am confused as well after much research. I want to be able to turn the shutter effect and aperture effect element of constant preview off and just leave the exposure preview element. Constant preview and preview are different things even though they both do shutter and aperture effect simulation only constant preview does exposure simulation well in manual mode anyway. I am guessing A, S and P modes have basic exposure simulation by default. I think Constant preview is on page 383 of the S5 manual and suggests turning off shutter and aperture effect is possible but I am not sure however in the S1 manual on page 346 it does not seem possible to turn shutter effect and aperture effect off and leave exposure simulation on. I read that framing appears blurred at low shutter speeds if shutter effect is left on so that's why I may want to turn it off if I buy the camera and want to do night panorama which I am fond of. Thanks for you reply before anyway. The nearest S5 in a shop is 2 hours drive.

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