DEET and the DR

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Bug spray & plastic

Be very careful of using bug repellent around plastic's.

I recently ruined my watch with mosquito repellent. The plastic cracked up so bad I couldn't see through it. It didn't happen until the watch got some sun on it. And my sister was wondering how she got perminent little white spots on her glasses (Plastic lenses) until I asked if she had used any repellent and shure enough she had. The little spots weren't on the lenses but actually divits where the chemicals had eaten the plastic away.

I don't think it's the Deet but the other chemicals and propellent that attacks plastic.

codywestheimer wrote:

So I just got back from a wonderful trip to Kauai with my 1 month
old DR. This was my first real trip with it. I took a number of
fun shots with it- some which I'll post here soon. I also took a
few hikes with my camera, including a hike through a rain forest
going into a bamboo grove. The mosquitoes were absolutely eating
us up, so we promptly applied OFF! repellent all over our bodies.
This contains the satanic chemical DEET. About halfway through the
hike I noticed the nicely rubberized grip of my camera was
magically shriveling off! Opps! I was very upset about this until
I realized all I needed to do was peel it off evenly when I got
back to the hotel. Beneath it is a stronger plastic shell that
doesn't seem to be affected by Deet. If you care about the grip or
the left side of the camera where the connections are made, I
wouldn't use anything with DEET if I were you. BTW, I'm going to
see if it's possible to replace these parts - anybody?

Beware of Deet! (But I have to admit it was worth it. The bamboo
grove was amazing!)

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