Exhibition Fiber and P900 not compatible? Horrible Prints!

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Jamil Abbasy Senior Member • Posts: 1,410
Exhibition Fiber and P900 not compatible? Horrible Prints!

I am unable to get a good print with Exhibition Fiber paper on my new Epson P900. I am testing with the standard Outback Photo test print. The colors look washed out and desaturated. The darkest black square is not very dark and the sharpness is not very good.

Here are the setting I have tried:

1. Epson Exhibition Fiber ICC / Epson Exhibition Fiber paper setting (tried relative and perceptual)

2. ColorMunki custom profile ICC / Epson Exhibition Fiber paper setting

3. Epson ultra premium Luster ICC / Epson ultra premium Luster paper setting

The worst one is the ColorMunki custom profile...it looks like it's the completely wrong profile, as if I messed with the split toning sliders. Not sure if my unit has gone bad, but it worked well not too long ago.

The Epson Luster is the best looking but still lifeless compared to any other paper.

The Epson stock profiles for Ultra Luster, Premium Glossy, and Enhanced matte all look great. My Red River profile for San Gabriel 2.0 is AMAZING.  I and just pulled out some Red River Ultrapro satin pano paper with their stock profile and it's awesome.

Exhibition Fiber almost looks like I'm printing on non-photo paper or really cheap paper.

I am thinking to just sell all the brand new boxes of EF I have since I am LOVING the results from the Red River San Gabriel and this printer. (I'm hoping their Big Bend Baryta new version is a direct replacement for the SG)

Any thoughts on why Exhibition Fiber would print so poorly?


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