Nodes Added to the PhotonsToPhotos Optical Bench

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Nodes Added to the PhotonsToPhotos Optical Bench

In air Nodes are at the same location as Principals so the Optical Bench never made any distinction. But with the recent addition of some underwater lenses (as well as immersion microscope objectives) I decided to add nodes which display conditionally if the lens is not operating in air.

Here's an example using the Nikon R-UW AF Micro-Nikkor 50mm f/2.8

Best viewed "original size"

When the object space is not air there is a new toggle button called Nodes that control the display of the vertical lines labelled N and N' ; also N and N' are reported on the Positions line.

Some values of note from this example:
Index of refraction used for water = 1.33306
Focal Length = 51.60mm
H'F' = 158,29mm-106.69mm = 51.60mm
FH = 108.83mm-40.04mm = 68.79mm matches 51.60mm * 1.33306
H'N'=89.50mm-106.69mm = -17.19mm matches 51.60mm * (1 - 1.33306)
HN=91.65mm-108.83mm = -17.18mm matches (within rounding) H'N'

Now that I can produce reasonable screenshots of this situation I expect to add some material to the Optics Primer covering the non-air case.

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