sudden color cast to b/w images (Epson P400)

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sudden color cast to b/w images (Epson P400)

Hi all, I hope someone has a suggestion for me!  Any advice would be appreciated.  I posted this same question on the Moab paper forum, but I thought I would ask here as well (I don't really think it is a paper issue).

I have a MacBook Pro, and am using the latest version of Lightroom. My printer is an Epson P400. My display is recently calibrated. Inkjet nozzle tests are good.

A couple of weeks ago I made some black and white prints of a handful of images, all of which had been soft-proofed using the ICC profile for Entrada Natural Rag 300. When printing I used this profile, set the Media Type to Ultra Premium Presentation Matte, and paper source was Sheet Feeder (all in accordance to the instructions for the ICC profile I downloaded). I then printed on the Natural Rag 300 paper.

I liked the results, the prints were pretty good and pretty much matched what I saw on screen.

A couple of weeks later I got a sample pack of paper from Moab and started experimenting with the same images (of course I first created virtual copies and placed them in a different folder in my Library to avoid any confusion). These new copies were soft-proofed for Entrada Bright Rag 190 and then printed on the same. I noticed a bluish cast to the lighter tones and somewhat mushy, reddish darker tones. It looked pretty much like crap.

The prints were sufficiently different enough from what I saw on my display while soft-proofing that I felt I should test further. I thus returned to the copies that I soft-proofed for Natural Rag 300 and printed them again, on the Natural Rag 300 paper (the settings HAD NOT been touched). The prints did not match my first prints. They had the same issue I had with the Rag Bright 190, they looked like crap. This happened across all the images I reprinted. I have not been able to duplicate the original good prints.

No settings (in either Print or the Development modules) have been changed that I am conscious of. I cleaned the ink jets and re-tested the nozzles. I replaced two ink jets that were low. I re-downloaded the ICC profiles, and reinstalled my printer drivers. Same results.

Thoughts or suggestions? Anything would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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