Good Reasons to Own Both XF 70-300mm and XF 100-400mm?

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Re: Good Reasons to Own Both XF 70-300mm and XF 100-400mm?

LarsPolarBear wrote:

I also own both lenses, bought the 100-400 mm together with the X-S10 while moving from m43 to Fuji a little over a year ago. At that time I was unhappy, that Fuji only offered this heavy lens, but was looking forward for its IQ.

I received the 70-300mm as an early Christmas gift in November and immediately loved the light weight, it reminded me of my old m43 gear. As some of the others commented, if it would have been available a year ago, I might have not gotten the 100-400mm.

However, during the past three months, I have struggled a little with the 70-300mm, it is too short for birding and most other wildlife, therefore I use it mostly with the 1.4x extender, which makes it too slow for anything but bright daylight. Again, as others have mentioned, it is also noticeable slower to focus and I am also struggling to get the IQ, that I am getting from the 100-400mm.

Therefore, I will keep both lenses, the 100-400mm for wildlife around my home or where I don’t have to schlepp it up a mountain or for 20 km. The 70-300 plus the 1.4x extender is my travel and hiking solution - I really enjoy its light weight, makes me happy every time I use it.

So, there you have it, my reasons to keep both. I would be unhappy with only one if them!

Hope that helps.



I only own the 100-400mm purchased (used). So I really can't directly address the 70-300mm vs. the 100-400mm buying/keeping one over the the other decision. But this topic is a good one!

I initially wanted the 70-300mm, but could not find one for sale. At that point a used 100-400mm seemed like the way to go, as I already own a 50-140mm (and have the 1.4X and 2.0X teleconverters). BTW I'm not a fan of the 2.0X, but in good light it seems to work okay with my XH-1.

Yes, even used there is a huge price difference between the 100-400mm vs. the 70-400mmm, unless of course you got the bargain the OP got  Congratulations on that price OP!!!

In the end I have to say I do not think I'll be tempted to either sell the 100-400mm and/or purchase the 70-300mm even when it returns to the shelves. Maybe only applicable to me, my personal reasoning below:

1. I like the extra reach of the 100-400mm with or without the teleconverters.

2. I like the build quality of the 100-400mm and I'm not sure if the 70-300mm matches that (comments welcome)

3. I've got the 50-140mm that truly is my favorite zoom and I can use that will teleconverters as smaller/lighter compromise alternative to the 100-400mm.

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