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Gear shaming

I’ve been reading an awful lot of posts from those that have the new M11, those that would like it and I’ve realised that as part of the process of justifying the purchase of new equipment we all have a tendency to gear shame.

I’ll give you an example… “The colour rendering of the M11 is so much better than the M10 where the reds would always render inaccurately ”… This also works the other way round by people who haven’t purchased the new gear slagging off the new gear, whether it be base plate,  grain etc.

Now this is a direct result of confirmation bias where of course, if you shell out £7500 for a new camera you want to make sure it’s better than the old one… We read what makes us happy in our guilty gear choices. What I object to though is the culture we have as a society of consumers who have to belittle one another’s gear choices to justify our own.

Now… you’ll say that reviewing gear is all about the benefits of the new kit over the old, but that isn’t what I’m talking about. It’s about inaccurate statements on gear which is almost always a reflection of the photographer and not the equipment. As I’ve said before every new bit of gear in the last five years will be more than capable of giving excellent results in the right hands.

When reviewing camera equipment we never discuss light for example, light can make colours render more differently than any sensor. In the same way even the most expensive hifi is governed by the acoustics of the room more than any property.

I keep seeing test shots on new equipment (not just Leica) trying to justify the purchase by demonstrating some tenuous aspect of the equipment and it doesn’t make sense. Grain structure and colour changes depending on lighting conditions/weather etc too… I would love to see beautiful shots that show a great understanding of the artistic medium we are choosing to use.

Similarly to truly understand a piece of equipment takes months of use. Somebody released a full review of the M11 within 12 hours of receiving it. This is not helpful.

I’ve had every M since the M9 and they are all somewhat flawed and fabulous and more than capable of producing wow shots in the rights hands.

We make our choices and I love seeing people posting about their new gear but please don’t do at the expense of the old gear which is incredibly accomplished in the right hands and more importantly the right eyes.

Leica M10
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