Is digital camera market shrinking?

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Re: Even more context is required

Nielk Mike wrote:

hemiola wrote:

Nielk Mike wrote:

My point was that upgrading phones all the time is expensive and not likely to get you much better images. Same as a camera.

Point taken. By me, but not by my daughther and I am afraid many sons and daughters.

Well I can't speak for your daughter and all those other sons and daughters, but I have a suspicion they are not doing it primarily because of better IQ

Certainly not for IQ.

I don't mingle with teenagers or even people in their 20s anymore; in fact you as a parent I'm sure have a better idea how youngsters think these days. From what I gather though, buying an ILC is like wearing a wrist watch to them: wait, I should wear this piece of junk that only tells me the time, when my smartphone does that plus 50 other things?

In other words, it's about portability and multifunctionality, not IQ.

Phones no doubt have made a huge leap. I remember the splash Nokia N95 made (at least in Europe), which some regarded as one of the first "true" smartphones. In reality, it tried to do everything and failed in almost every regard except making calls. Clearly the flagship smartphones of today are nothing like that, but they are still the Jack of all trades master of (almost) none.

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