Good Reasons to Own Both XF 70-300mm and XF 100-400mm?

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Re: Good Reasons to Own Both XF 70-300mm and XF 100-400mm?

The types of trips where I use each one are very different along with the kits.

I use the 100-400 for trips more dedicated to wildlife. That can be walks at local nature preserves or more special wildlife trips like Yellowstone. In Mexico bird watching tours are a lot more affordable and I might go on 2-3 there so it's worth the extra bulk. I probably will only take the 18-55 if I bring anything else and most of the time I won't use it, it's "just in case."

I bring the 70-300 for more general trips. In Iceland I needed a general minimalist kit that would go on some longer hikes. I had a work trip to London and I did visit the Wetlands Centre, but that trip was not worth carrying the 100-400 with me at the airport or walking around London. I've come to like 18 and 50 as my main primes and have a 12 and the 70-300 "just in case." If I'm bringing the 16-55 as my main zoom, the 70-300 is its most likely partner.

That being said, being honest, after my Z9 arrives I'm probably getting rid of the 100-400.

On my 100-400 outings, basically 99% of the photos will look like this.

But I'm glad I kept the 18-55 in my bag. This ended up being one of my favorite pictures of the year during cherry blossom season.

When I do use the 70-300 for birds I usually do miss the extra reach

You can still get nice photos of bigger birds...

...or ones that are less shy.

Whale watching was okay with the 70-300 but this is still a decent crop. I have more problems with Fuji taking a bit of time to lock initial focus but that's another story. I brought a 70-300 with a Nikon on other trips and the pictures were a lot clearer (Nikon also doesn't have a good 100-400). But the D850 is almost twice the weight of an XS10 or XE4.

Here I didn't even get my zoom to 300mm because it came out of nowhere. So in this case having the 100-400 wouldn't have helped.

If I have the 70-300, 80% of my pictures are more like this.

The 100-400 would be a bit of an odd pairing with my XE4 and 18mm F2 but I can fit that and the 70-300 very comfortably in a small bag.

The 70-300 is more of a backup for random telephoto.

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