setting audio levels with Lumix G9

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setting audio levels with Lumix G9

I just got my G9 this week, so I'm still fumbling around in the dark a bit.

My research reveals two ways to set the sound recording levels:

1. In the menus, there's "mic level adj". I turn that on, and turn the control dial. The levels go from -12 to +6. Simple enough.

2. When the camera is in creative video setting, I can poke the little movie camera icon on the right side, then poke the microphone, and a levels adjuster doo-dad pops up on the screen. I can slide the levels up and down over the same range there. The touch screen is always kinda finicky for me, I guess my fingers are fat or something, but I can make the level number change OK.

BUT, here's the rub: no matter what the levels are set to, the actual recording level doesn't change much. It's a little softer at -12, and a little louder at +6, but I expect silence at -12 and peaking up the gazoo at +6.

As I was typing this, I formulated a hypothesis. Perhaps it has something to do with the noise limiter. I had the noise limiter on. I turned it off, and tried again. The range is extended considerably, but it's still not what I was expecting. With either the on-camera mic or a basic shotgun in the shoe, at -12 the sound is a little soft; at 0 the level is high, at plus levels I get peaking. For all of this,  I'm speaking at a normal volume a couple of feet from the camera.

Shouldn't I be recording silence at -12?

Should I only use the limiter when I'm recording a rock band or something else with a huge volume range?

Is there some way to get more control of the levels?

thanks in advance,


Panasonic Lumix DC-G9
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