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Accosted by loonies while out photographing?

Over the years I've been approached by suspicious and potentially malicious people while minding my own business - in the city and out in the country too. I've been asked many times suspiciously, what I'm doing.

One Bubba out in the country thought I was a cattle rustler because I was taking pictures of Longhorn cattle in a field (I was on the highway shoulder, not on his property).

Today I was taking pictures of an interesting church- bell in tower, old doors - silly photographer stuff. Awhile later, after I've moved on from the church, a guy pulled up beside me on the street and asked me what my business was around the church. I tried to explain but all he kept saying was, "we're watching you. We're taking notes".  He clearly was not interested in discussion.  Spooky, paranoid, nutty people out there.

What do you do about people like this? I live in Texas where it is wise to assume that anyone you come across has a gun. Running away could get you shot. Arguing with one of these people could get you shot.

Maybe just never go out alone again?

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