Built in TC for other lenses?

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Re: Built in TC for other lenses?

JasonTheBirder wrote:

JoeGuide wrote:

400 mm with a built in TC seems to perform exceptionally well. I wonder if there are advantages for this type of design over conventional zoom; perhaps lighter design with exceptional wide open performance at the two focal length. I can see something like a 14/28 2.0, 20/40 1.8 or 35/70 1.8 for travel or outdoor photography.

My feeling is that to make a zoom, whose range is in the 14-100 range, perform as well as a prime, is realistic. It just has to be a bit heavier and more expensive. The 18-35mm f/1.8 Sigma is an example, whose performance was highly praised although its AF had some problems. But to make a supertele zoom that goes to at least 400 AND has an f/2.8 aperture would be prohibitive. Canon and Nikon had 200-400 f/4s, but not f/2.8. And imagine a 500-700 f/4-5.6...So, I think it's just that with the supertelephoto primes, adding a TC is the only realistic option to give more than one focal length and keep such a small aperture at base length.

Your points make sense.  I like traveling with prime lenses, but changing lenses on the fly is a hassle.  Often times, I just need a sharp and wide 24 and 80 for most of my needs. If I could get a f2.0, less weight and size using a built in TC vs a zoom, then I would be set.

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