Is digital camera market shrinking?

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Re: Even more context is required

Aberaeron wrote:

Thing is though, that the average mid-range phone’s camera is so good now, there’s no reason for most people to even go for a $1000 phone. You get 90% of the performance, which is better than a premium phone of three years ago, for a third of the price, particularly in the Android system. A high proportion of people will have no wish or need for anything ‘better’. These will be the same sort of people who used Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid instant print cameras back in the 1960’s.

Yeah but these are the people who don't need zoom, don't shoot fast moving subjects, low/ambient light scenes, and so on.

Last time I upgraded my phone I bought a Samsung Note 8 for 600 euros which at the time was considered a bargain. It's "so good" only when shooting in ideal conditions.

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