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Flat view
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Hi all.

currently shooting with a 5d4 (Canon) and a couple of lenses. To heavy for a city trip. Sooooo looking for something lighter.

coming to leica I got 2 choises Cl + lenses or the q2.

what do you think About the q2 vs the 5d4 with 24-70 2.8.

Remember looking for something lighter die to

a 9 day city trip coming up.

I dont mind the 28 mm. Looked good to me the 28 mm pics during last city trip to me. But looking for something lighter.

option 1. L and 18 mm

option 2 q2

witch one would you recommand for me? Architecture and city scape I shoot nomaly.

And ups and down sides for me against the q2 vs Cl?

Flat view
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