Hi Tug, Questions about double Godox flash / transmitter.

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Hi Tug, Questions about double Godox flash / transmitter.

Hi Tug and interested parties;

You were so helpful on my last shoot, thank you, but I'm still having trouble.

I need to set up a bomb proof, double flash lighting system for warehouse and office location shoots.

If you could look at the attached photos and either see what I'm doing wrong, or start me over, that would be greatly appreciated.

>Edit: Nikon Camera on Manual, 400ISO, 100th/sec F5.6  Dim room lighting.<

three shots, a few seconds apart, no change to settings.

Here are three shots, taken a few seconds apart, not touching any settings. Inconsistent and dark......That's my problem.

The Godox V860 is camera left, not shining in the right side of the box, and the Godox TT660 is camera right, not shining on the front of the box. Raw lights, about 8 ft away.

This is the transmitter, Godox XPro on camera:

godox Xpro

Under Group A, it won't turn up any higher than 1/4 and it'll turn down to 1/64th. Do you know why? (Select Group A > Mode)

Here is the back screen for the Godox 860II:

Godox V860II

Why does it say "Slave"?

And here is a pic of the Godox 660:

Godox 660

Why does it say 1/4 when the radio transmitter says 1/64th?

If you could give my your opinion, that would be great. Maybe I have to start from scratch.

These three devices are so not intuitive. I am doing more and more of these shoots and I need to understand how to set up. Your time, attention, and knowledge are much appreciated.



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