Is digital camera market shrinking?

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Re: Is digital camera market shrinking?

robgendreau wrote:

Well, since turntable sales are soaring, and vinyl increasingly popular, I have hope for the future of ILCs....

But innovation? Sheesh, even when sales were higher they weren't don't that. Especially Canon and Nikon.

But staying sort of retro might be the way forward. Do we need more megapixels? probably not. Different dials? no. But we would welcome little improvements in rear displays and EVs, better computers and firmware (and interface) inside, but that's very incremental. More like turntables than smartphones. Make some money on lenses and firmware instead.

But not sure that's enough to keep three big players going.

The only reason turntables sales are going up (don't know about soaring) is because for the last +20 years many have been accustomed to listen to crappy audio source material (overly compressed mp3's) over cheap computer speakers or 10$ headphones. Compared to that, a decent turntable connected to a proper sound system (even by 80's standards) actually sounds good.

Smartphone cameras on the other hand aren't actually better than most ILCs. The handset manufacturers might innovate at a faster pace, but there's no getting around the needle tip size sensors and lenses.

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