Some SOOC jpeg versus raw comparisons

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Some SOOC jpeg versus raw comparisons

In case anyone is interested, I am doing some experimenting with SOOC Jpeg's (using the Fuji X Weekly recipes) compared to shooting raw and processing using Capture One. Here are some comparisons. First one of each is the jpeg, second is the raw. Some caveats

  1. This is NOT intended to be a scientific experiment! I am just fiddling and sharing my results. If you want a more scientific experiment, find another scientist.
  2. I am NEW to Jpeg shooting and just at the beginning of my experimenting. I've been perfecting my raw recipes for YEARS.
  3. On the jpegs, I left everything in tact except for exposure, crop, rotation, and keystone. On the raws, I also adjusted white balance (in addition to the 'normal' adjustments like contrast, highlights and shadows, etc.)
  4. The jpegs were are all shot using Kodak Gold Fuji X weekly recipe (
  5. These are all with Xpro3 and 18f2 lens. Mostly shot about ½ stop underexposed.

Discussion and thoughts MOST WELCOME!

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