Olympus PEN-FT Focus issue. Anybody have experience with one?

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Olympus PEN-FT Focus issue. Anybody have experience with one?

I've got a problem getting consistent focus on a PEN-FT SLR and am wondering if anybody has an idea what could be the cause.  Focus is inconsistent, beyond the range of user error.  Out of a roll of pics about 50% are good focus, 40% a bit soft, 10% wildly out of focus.
We're not talking "shooting at f/2.8 and getting the tip of the nose instead of the eye" I mean tens of feet off.  In this picture while testing out the camera the focal focal point was the satellite dish 25ft away.  Like I said, I may not be the best at focus but this wasn't a snapshot or zone focus, I took my time to get the focus right in this shot and it ended up being 3ft instead of 25ft.

The problem is that the camera is an SLR, I'm looking through the lens when focusing, "What you see if what you get", so how could it be that far off in the 1/125sec of my clicking the shutter?  I'm thinking 3 possible issues:
1.  Film isn't properly in place.  Not likely.  But I checked anyway, the backing plate keeping the film firm while moving across the back looks great.
2.  Loose/Bad Prism Alignment.   A possibility.  When I gently shake the camera there is the sound of something rattling or moving inside.  But for external looks I can't tell anything (focus screen is solid and not moving).
3.  Mirror not in the right place.  Maybe?  When I clicked the shutter multiple times with no lens in place the mirror seems to be resetting to the right spot but does seem to be imperceptibly different with each shot.  But not even 1mm variation total.  I figure it would have to be massively out of alignment to throw the focus off that much, and if it was too far out wouldn't the viewfinder image be all screwed up?
Does anybody have experience with the inner workings of Olympus PEN cameras or have heard of an issue like this?  I'm hesitant to try dismantling the camera myself and repair costs are more than the resale value of the camera.

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