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Trap with minimum shutter speed

I'm starting to use aperture priority more and set a minimum shutter speed with auto ISO.  I cap ISO at 6400.

I have a Canon camera and this setup works as I expect when there is plenty of light but in extremely low light light I have found that the camera does not observe the minimum shutter speed when it sets ISO at 6400.  After scratching my head for a few minutes wondering what is going on I came to the conclusion that the camera wanted to set a higher ISO but couldn't because of the 6400 cap so it decided to ignore the minimum shutter speed setting of 1/125s and went as slow as 1/30s on a few shots to center the meter.

Is this behaviour common to all camera brands?

My hands are not always steady enough for 1/30s even with IS on the lens so I am a little disappointed with Canon but I realise I can use manual mode instead and set 1/125s knowing it won't be ignored.

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