RX10iv vs RX100vii as second camera, vs trading up to R6

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RX10iv vs RX100vii as second camera, vs trading up to R6

Ill keep this semi short. I have a Canon Eos R that I love, but its a bit limited in speed and often portability. I love it for portraits and have a suite of lenses for this purpose, as well as product/object photography.

Now, I want to get something to let me run and gun a bit, and shoot faster.

The reason for the three is as follows:

RX10m4: 24-600mm with sharp zeiss lens, 24fps shooting with relatively limited blackout. WEATHER SEALED (I live in the mountains, lots of snow). Great AF system. Would be good as a second camera for video, animal shooting, travel etc. Cons are its a bit big, and its getting longer in the tooth these days.

RX100M7: 24-200mm sharp lens with correctable distortion, 20fps no blackout shooting with live tracking AF (basically a mini A9). Decent range to catch most running around action. Pocketable (literally could always have it with me). Cons are, its battery life is aweful, and ive heard of a few QC issues.

Eos R6: Obviously, straight upgrade with a single camera system. Amazing AF with upgraded DPAF, Low light and dynamic range are stunning, All the functions im used to. Cons are, 20mp is great for many things, but when I want more resolution, id have to rely on a program like gigapixel for artificial blow up. Its a bit bigger than the R, and id need to spend alot more upgrading than just getting a second camera.

Im open to other options, but ive done alot of research on everything from 1", to m4/3, aps-c, FF, and even Medium format. In the end, these are the options that give me the best balance of good/bad/complimentary.

If you were in my boots as ive described, which option would you probably trend towards?

Thanks for your imput!

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Keep Eos R, and get Sony RX10 Mark IV
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Keep Eos R, and get Sony RX100 Mark VII
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Sell Eos R, get Canon R6
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Canon EOS R6 Sony RX10 IV Sony RX100 VII
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