Using a TV for photo editing

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Re: Using a TV for photo editing

Biggs23 wrote:

hemiola wrote:

To clarify, are you saying a HDR TV with a VA panel always has an inferior gamut compared even to a non-HDR IPS monitor?

What editing software platform is making use of that technology?

Good question.

Photomatix for example can export HDR images as radiance RGBE, Open EXR and floating point TIFF files but I'm not sure they can be viewed & edited directly. Some newer cameras also support the HEIF format which seems to be HDR capable. Not exactly my area of expertise and besides we're getting a little far from the subject.

My assumption (and I'll admit it's only my assumption and not necessarily a fact) is that once a display is capable of displaying additional colors it can do so whether in HDR or SDR mode.

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