2022 - Moving to Sony Alpha and making NX line a backup, anyone else?

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Re: 2022 - Moving to Sony Alpha and making NX line a backup, anyone else?

maikl80 wrote:

So if I want the highest quality I will take the Nikon and for small and light the Samsung. Currently I am very happy with this combination.

Yeah, a combination makes most sense. While holding onto a core of the Samsung system at least. Deciding on one or the other is a false alternative. One never knows the photographic direction one will choose to take in future, and in the mean time I can't see a reason, monetary or practical, considering the small, lightweight package giving huge bang for the size, picture quality-wise - to discard all of it when you already own it and are familiar with the system..

Mind you, a Z7 is way advanced in many ways! It's just that with both you're covered.

Why oh why, Samsung didn't develop and leave us with a nice, compact +/- 300 mm? A third party manufacturer would find a large niche market if they made one today. Fully integrated of course, with IOS and constant f4 would have been a great addition to the prime lens tool box. Plus a 1.4 x tele-converter? It can be a pain to rely on using adapters and heavy Nikkors (etc.) for tele work. Dreaming, I know.

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