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B&H's new Payboo CC

Since there was a fair bit of interest over the ending of the old Payboo credit cards I was interested in what the new card would offer. The "save the tax" part is still there but it has an option for special financing but I couldn't find exactly what the special rate is. The standard rate of 29.99% doesn't seem very "Special" to me. All I found was "on minimum purchase of $199 for 6 months or $599 for 12 months".

I did see where it talked about equal payments and waved interest but I didn't see where it specifically states it.  I would think they would say "no interest if paid off in full" vs "special interest rate".  If it is no interest then it could be tempting for someone willing to give up the sales tax discount to buy something that they didn't have the funds immediately available and otherwise would just use another credit card with a much lower interest rate to pay off their Payboo account before getting hit with the 29.99% interest rate.

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