G7X Mark II manual focus is essentially broken

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G7X Mark II manual focus is essentially broken

G7X Mark II manual focus is essentially broken - and it comes down to aperture. What's this all about, you may ask? Here's the detailed explanation.

Like most advanced cameras, the G7X Mark II measures incoming light by fully opening the aperture. When you shoot, the camera should close the aperture down to the setting you chose. But when using manual focus, this doesn't happen with this camera. This might also affect other G-series cameras as well.

Steps to replicate the problem:

1. Switch to Av mode.
2. Fully zoom in.
3. Fully open the aperture to f/2.8.
4. Switch to manual focus.
5. Focus manually on some close object, to throw the background out of focus.
6. Half-press the shutter. Notice how the aperture opens fully to f/1.8, to measure the incoming light.
7. Take the shot.

The aperture should close down to f/2.8 that you've set earlier, but instead it stays fully open at f/1.8 (which shouldn't even be possible at full zoom). The object you focused on is out of focus in the final image.

This is the major flaw in an otherwise good camera. Of couse it could be fixed in a firmware update (as well as "jumpy" manual focusing using ring or dial), but G7X Mark II is five years old now so I don't expect anything.

This seems to happen only when you point at a bright scene (for example when shooting outdoors), so the camera closes down the aperture to darken the on-screen preview. The problem is that you perform manual focusing exactly at that aperture. When pointing at darker scenes, the aperture stays open at f/2.8. Weird.

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