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x-pro3 new user ramblings

I’m a long time FujiFilm user, new to xpro. I just picked up the x-pro3 last week. Here are some random thoughts and sample images.

First, the things I like:

  1. The feel of the camera in my hand. The buttons are well placed. It’s comfortable to use and hold. (Mostly - see below regarding shutter dial and grip) 
  2. the aesthetics. It’s just beautiful! I’m a sucker for beautiful. Especially paired with a vintage lens! TASTY! 
  3. I think the af is snappier than my xh1 
  4. the lcd is great - such high resolution. So crisp. 
  5. so light! So compact. 
  6. and did I say beautiful? So beautiful! I’ve been keeping it in our family room so I can gaze at it.

Now, the things that I’m a bit disappointed about:

  1. the digital display on the back is so brilliant and I love the retro film sim display, but my almost-50-year-old eyes can’t really see it! It’s so poorly lit!
  2. I wanted to love the ovf but I am so used to the evf by now, I don’t think I can go back to ovf. This is more me than the camera, but there you have it. 
  3. I also had this idea that I’d shoot with vintage lenses and use jpeg SOOC. I’ve always shot raw but this felt like a nice use of this body - to kind of heighten the film shooting experience. I’m still experimenting, but so far I’m not getting consistently good results and will probably stick with my raw shooting. Also more me than the camera, but on my list of disappointments as I thought jpeg shooting could give me a new way of working with this gear 
  4. I absolutely HATE the shutter speed dial. The fact that it locks in on A but not on any other speed is awful. I’m bound to flick it by mistake and mess up a shot by accidentally adjusting shutter speed . (This isn’t just me, is it? Just making sure it’s not a defective body). The iso adjustment isn’t too comfortable either but I usually shoot auto iso so this isn’t a big deal. But come on Fuji. What’s up with the shutter dial?
  5. not as balanced as my xh1 is with larger lenses. My zoom (70-300) and even my 56f1.2 just don’t feel balanced. Not a big deal as I have the xh1 for these larger lenses.

Last, here’s what I’m still on the fence about

  1. The hidden lcd. When I’m shooting, it’s fine. But when I want to adjust settings, it’s not. I’m on the fence because I know I’ll probably adjust settings less and less as I acclimate to the camera, so this may not matter to me anymore, and I do very much like the aesthetic! (Though it would be nice if I could actually SEE the back panel in low-ish light) 
  2. the grip - can’t decide if it’s beefy enough. I have small hands but still, I may add the handgrip to give me more of a ‘hold’ on the camera. 

here are a few samples from home use. I hope to get out on the street with it once this weather warms up just a bit -  can’t decide if I should take the 18f2 (generally my preferred focal length for street) or the 23f2 for a change…. Stay tuned!

open to any comments and discussion of course!

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