Video tapes lost in the mail, a warning to others...

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Video tapes lost in the mail, a warning to others...

I live in the US, near Los Angeles. So my problem may not apply to others. Still, it's worth thinking about.

I mailed two VHS tapes to a service that digitizes tapes and photos. I took the option of converting the tapes to digital and placing on a flash drive. The service then sends the tapes and drive back to me. I've done business with this service before, and they do a good job. But this time the shipper used, UPS, lost the package. The service only keeps the digital contents for 30 days, after which they delete the data. Because 30 days have passed, I've lost my tapes, flash drive, and digital data...all gone. Some important family video gone forever.

I'm also at fault. I waited too long before investigating why my package didn't arrive. Had I done that sooner I would have access to the digital data online.

There are a number of services that convert video tapes and photographs to digital. There is always a chance of your items being lost in shipping. If you use such a service, make sure that digital download is an option. I would suggest using a service close to home, so that shipping isn't required.

Okay, now on to the shipper, UPS.

My package of tapes and flash drive were mailed from Tennessee to Los Angeles via UPS. Tracking shows the package arriving in a city near Los Angeles. That's where the tracking stops. UPS never contacted me about my lost package. After 3 weeks of contact with UPS via email and phone, no one at UPS knows where my package is. They have no clue. I was told to file a claim, which I did. Two weeks later still no contact from UPS. Great customer service, right?

Now here's where things get really weird. Near Los Angeles, trains carrying packages are being looted by thieves. Not just a few, but thousands of packages. UPS loads large trailers on trains for transport. I'm guessing my package was lost this way.

These links show what's taking place. Seems like our elected officials and police can't or won't put a stop to this.

Ok, my warning/rant is over.

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