2022 - Moving to Sony Alpha and making NX line a backup, anyone else?

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Re: 2022 - Moving to Sony Alpha and making NX line a backup, anyone else?

Yes, I moved on and finally got a Nikon Z7 around 7 month ago. And I am really happy and impressed by this camera and I think mainly the lenses. Picture quality is at another level compared to my Samsung NX 500 but I think this is due to the better lenses. I have the Nikon Z 14-30mm and the 24-200mm. I was missing both on my Samsung camera. I know there is the 12-24mm which is not quite as wide and the 18-200mm which seems to have serious image quality issues if you belife the reviews. Also when Samsung quit I did not want to invest a lot into lenses for a dead system. Initially I expected prices of used lenses to drop very fast but that was not the case. Only now they seems to become cheaper slowly. So I do most of my pictures with the Nikon now - mainly Landscape/Nature and some architecture. I sold the 50-200mm, the 16-50 PZ and the Samyang 12mm.

I still keep my Samsung NX500 with the three pancake lenses 10mm, 20mm and 30mm. I like the fisheye which is very small but so tiny and with AF - I don't know any other fisheye lens for another system that is so tiny, cheap and has AF. Although I don't use it often it alone is a good reason to keep the NX500. The 20mm and 30mm I will mainly use for street photography or if I just want to have a really small and light camera with me. So I plan to still use the Samsung in the future until it fails.

So if I want the highest quality I will take the Nikon and for small and light the Samsung. Currently I am very happy with this combination.

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