Thinking of getting the Oly 45mm/1.8... Can you please share your best shots?

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Re: Thinking of getting the Oly 45mm/1.8... Can you please share your best shots?

Yannis1976 wrote:


I have found an Oly 45mm/1.8 at a really good price and been thinking about it. However, its an FL that I have never used a lot in the past (contrary to 50mm at FF, which is 25) and I also have the 60/2.8. I had the Fuji 50/2 as well and sold it because it wasn't used too often. So despite the good reviews I read and hear, I feel it will be again a lens that I wont use very much. Any thoughts?

I have had this lens for several years and it is not one of my favourites.

The lens works well enough for what it is and can give excellent results, especially, for portraits. However:-

1) as others have mentioned, the lens does not focus very close. This is my No.1 complaint. You want to take a photo of a flower close up? well, you can't

2) The field curvature means that you have to be careful where you focus.  This makes it difficult for photographing cats. I actually did this for the local SPCA.

3) Low-light AF is poor. I was at a night time Christmas show when SC showed up for the kids. I had my P20 f1.7, O45 f1.8 and S60 f2.8. The other two focused just fine on SC but not the O45 f1.8. It hunted all over. Others have reported this, on this forum, a few years ago.

I would not buy this lens again. One day I may sell mine.

Finally, a few years ago, here on this forum, the O45 f1.8 was voted The least Used Lens.


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