Zeiss 28mm F2 Strong vignetting beyond F5.6

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Re: Zeiss 28mm F2 vignetting; Filter issue?

To illustrate the problem clearer, i decided to take some sample pictures using Nikon DF with 50mm 1.8D lens. Two pictures were attached. The first was taken at aperture F1.8 with shutter speed set as 250, iso 400. The second was taken at aperture F8 with shutter speed set as 250, iso 400. I noticed that the second picture was supposed to be dimmer than the first picture due to smaller aperture. I tested again using Zeiss 28mm manual lens with the same result. It seems like the camera doesn't recognize my preferred aperture value. Probably i need to take the DF for a repair?

I mentioned earlier that the control panel of the DF flashes "F22" continuously after i attached the Zeiss 28mm f2 ZF lens (Non-cpu). However, once i changed the lens' data as "Ai lens" instead of "Non-Ai lens", the control panel functions as normal. Yet, when i took pictures at different aperture values, the images are similar as if all were taken at F2, which is why, i decided to test this issue with 50mm 1.8D lens. Surprisingly, all pictures taken with 50mm 1.8D lens were as if taken at F1.8 although they were taken under different aperture values. Normally, the images at smaller aperture (F5.6/F8) would be dimmer than F1.8 if other settings such as iso and shutter speed are not dissimilar.



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