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… Sigma cameras- a study in business failure

… I shot Nikon cameras for twenty years. Until a few months ago, I had never heard of Sigma cameras. Someone mentioned that I might be interested, so I looked at many photos on-line. Most were very average, or below average. Yet, there was the occasional image that was in a league above any Nikon or mainstream camera. I learned the word “Foveon”. Learned that almost twenty years ago, Sigma developed a sensor that was radically different from other sensors. And, used properly, created radically different images. For a few years, Sigma manufactured cameras with the sensor, yet unforgivably flawed cameras with white balance/ hue issues that could have been corrected. Issues that alienated any decent market share.

… Then, the company tried to keep up with the pack, re-engineering their sensor, sacrificing their unique quality of colour for higher resolution and ISO. And, this cost them support of those attracted to the qualities of the original sensor. The company came out with different line-ups and generations of the sensor. People almost needed engineering degrees to understand and use the cameras properly (as evidenced by the overwhelming technical aspect of this forum compared to any other camera forum). These cameras also had unforgivable WB/ hue issues.

… Now the company follows the pack and markets a mirrorless camera- disposing of their unique Foveon technology. Proudly they market their new camera as “the smallest”- an irrelevant aspect. Honestly, I’ve looked at thousands of the mirrorless pictures, and nothing sets these images apart from other cameras. The colours seem the same simple, slightly cartoonish, Fuji-like colours.

… Guessing that the mirrorless chapter will be the end of the Sigma camera line. It seems an originally brilliant technology tragically fumbled by weak, insecure, and incompetent management and marketing.

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... “Photographers have been gaslighted by camera companies to obsess about every leaf on the trees, and have lost sight of the forest.” IGF

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